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We act only as your payroll agent – that is, we act on your behalf and under your control, and the relationship is similar to an employer / employee.  We can not accept liability for any consequential loss or damage that cannot be shown to be directly due to our culpable negligence.

Technically, the final responsibility for your payroll remains with yourself. This is particularly important with liabilities for actual payments to individuals and the Inland Revenue.

From time to time we bring to the attention of our customers changes to employment legislation which we feel may be generally significant to most employers. This must not be taken to be advice – if you wish to take any action, you should take indemnified opinion from a qualified source (e.g. accountant, solicitor). Similarly, we are happy to discuss any aspect of running a small company – but you cannot hold us liable even when we give forceful opinions!

All our directors have experience from being directors of a wide range of other companies – and all of us rely on services from independent suppliers. Those ARE our responsibility…