E-mail: enquiry@uk-payroll.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0)29 2063 1495

Mobile: +44 (0)7425 142636


We calculate the deductions /additions for PAYE/NI, SSP, SMP, family credits, pensions, students loans, etc, etc.

We supply printed payslips for each employee, a ‘wages-book’ listing, details for monthly payment to Collector of Taxes, P45 for leavers, completed P60 at end of year, completed SSP1& SMP1 forms (no liability to pay SSP & SMP respectively), blank employee details forms. Details of each pay run is submitted under RTI (Real Time Information) rules.

If requested, we supply named time sheets, analysis of payroll by department, Telepay or Autopay listing (for some customers, we also submit Telepay details directly to their bank on their behalf), pension listings, BACS listings, details of family credit payments and student loan deductions, and any other relevant information you may require which is available.

We ensure that you comply with PAYE/NI legislation regarding maintenance of records.